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02:16 – Conference WiFi

03:31 – Conferences

10:23 – Budget, Content, and Social Aspects => Value

  • Hallway Conversations
  • Evolution of Attending Conferences
  • “Slam Dunk Sessions”

14:38 – Panelist Plans for 2015

19:57 – Size: Smaller, Regional, International Conferences

21:29 – Travel & Accommodations

26:46 – CocoaConf vs 360iDev

28:44 – Presenting/Speaking at Conferences

32:53 – Attending Conferences (Tips)

  • Meet People
    • Go Out to Eat
    • Tweet with Conference #
    • Back Channel IRC
  • Make a Friend on Day 1 => “The Crowd”
  • Talk Shop
  • Find a Local: “Take me to the best _____?”

37:52 – “The Unconference”

40:29 – Favorite Speakers in the iOS Space

41:56 – Jam Sessions and Playing Games


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