01:42 – James Montemagno Introduction

02:42 – Printer Software Development

04:50 – Moving to Mobile Development

06:19 – Xamarin

08:19 – Cross-Platform Development

11:37 – Companies and Libraries (Sharing Libraries)

13:09 – Plugins for Xamarin

  • Simplifying the Process (Barrier of Entry)

15:08 – Techniques for Sharing UI Elements

21:00 – Developing On the Watch with Xamarin

23:52 – Android Wear vs Watch (Wearables)

  • Synchronization
  • “Should You?”
  • Automation
  • Committing to and Investing in a Platform


Smokette Elite Model SM025 Electric Smoker (Jaim)
Monodraw (Andrew)
The LightBlue Bean (Andrew)
The Three Fives Kit: A Discrete 555 Timer (Andrew)
Refactoring to Patterns by by Joshua Kerievsky (Alondo)
Ray Wenderlich: iOS 8 by Tutorials (Alondo)
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline (James)
Strava (James)
Tavour (James)
graze (James)



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