02:47 – Martin Grider Introduction

09:29 – Interaction Design and Mechanics

  • Make it Playable, Then Add “Juice”

12:25 – Designing for Mobile vs Board Games

  • Touch Interaction

14:30 – Converting Board Games to Mobile

17:09 – Copyright Infringement (Cloning)

20:54 – Protecting Your Ideas and Partnering with Publishers

23:19 – Getting Help as an Indie Game Dev

  • Marketers, App Store SEOs, etc.

27:02 – App Shopper

28:24 – Technical Aspects of Game Development

34:31 – Physics

36:12 – The International Game Developer's Association (IGDA)

39:47 – Catchup


Hunter Loftis: We Will All Be Game Programmers (Pete)
Indie Game: The Movie (Pete)
Eurogames (Pete)
The Changelog #151: Rust with Steve Klabnik and Yehuda Katz (Pete)
A Swift Guide to Rust (Andrew)
Arduino Esplora (Andrew)
Analogue Nt (Andrew)
L3D (Martin)
Game Developers Conference (Martin)
GameLoading (Martin)
Top Hat (Martin)
CumulusPRO Commercial Grade Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat Area Mat (Jaim)


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