02:17 - Persistence

03:08 - Approaches for Persistence

06:03 - NSCoding

07:57 - .plists (Property Lists)

10:44 - Options for Handling Large Elements    

12:29 - SQLite & Core Data Pros and Cons

23:40 - Different Implementations with Core Data

25:29 - Binary

26:31 - In-Memory

27:39 - Using Core Data for the First Time (Gotchas)

30:11 - Third-Party Persistence Frameworks/Libraries

32:24 - APIs, Crashing Issues

35:35 - Tracking Core Data Changes

37:05 - Migration


Marcus Zarra: My Core Data Stack (Alondo)
NSHipster: NSUndoManager (Alondo)
The Lytro Camera (Andrew)
Don’t drink coffee as soon as you wake up (Jaim)

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