110 iPS Design and The Business of Apps with Dustin and Dylan Bruzenak of Iconfactory

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02:05 – Dustin Bruzenak Introduction

02:29 – Dylan Bruzenak Introduction

02:54 – The Iconfactory

08:54 – Design and User Experience

18:24 – Lessons Learned From AppViz

27:56 – Positioning Your App Properly

  • Marketing
  • Metrics
  • Login Barrier

34:19 – The Developer Market

37:09 – Niche Market Focus

  • In-App Purchases
  • Cross-App Promotion

45:41 – The App Store


FastSpring (Andrew)
DevMate (Andrew)
Apple API Diffs (Andrew)

GOG (Andrew)
Sample Code from WWDC Sessions (Mike)
Wits (Mike)
Listen to other people’s views (Chuck)

Ruby Remote Conf (Chuck)
World Time Buddy (Dylan)
Complice (Dylan)
Transmit (Dylan)
xScope (Dustin)
Slack (Dustin)