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01:53 – Michele Titolo and Women Who Code Introduction

02:15 – Origin Story

03:11 – Stated Mission

  • “Inspire women to excel in technology careers”

04:12 – Mentorship

  • Glassbreakers (A peer mentorship community for professional women)

08:54 – Getting Started and Getting Involved

11:27 – Value

12:42 – Remote/Virtual Membership/Communication

15:08 – What Makes Women Who Code Different (from other groups)?    

18:02 – Is there a need for groups like this? What issues do these address?

22:34 – Implementing Diversity into the Workplace

32:29 – Terminology (Using words like “guys”)

35:16 – Is it really harder for women to get jobs?

43:13 – The Community at Large (How can we help make the community more open and welcome?)

  • Inclusive Events
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Change Within *Your Own* Organization (Advocacy)
  • Learning About Other People (Be Empathetic; Be Respectful)

46:08 – Are there people who can help people/companies diversify?

49:49 – How can I help? (as a man)

51:47 – Study Resources (Proof)


Groups and Mailing Lists (mentioned in this episode)


Power Up Your Animations! with Marin Todorov (Alondo)
Poker Theory & Analytics (Alondo)
Paracord (Chuck)
Soto Pocket Torch (Chuck)
Kate Heddleston: How Our Engineering Environments are Killing Diversity (Michele)
Ashe Dryden: The Responsibility of "Diversity" (Michele)
Conference proposal writing: From brainstorm to submit @ 360iDev 2015 (Michele)