121 iPS Mobile Audio and DJ Player App with Gábor Szánto


    01:18 – Gábor Szántó Introduction

    02:46 – Superpowered

    Typical Applications

    13:00 – Audio Apps on iOS vs Android

    16:59 – Superpowered Cost

    17:51 – Connecting Code

    22:18 – Algorithms

    24:25 – DJ PLAYER and The DJ Market


    Hardcore History (Jaim)
    Whynter Ice Cream Maker (Andrew)
    The Aggregate Magic Algorithms (Mike)
    Solarbotics Bundles (Mike)
    15 Minute Podcast Listener chat with Charles Wood (Chuck)
    Pebble Time (Chuck)
    The DFT “à Pied”: Mastering The Fourier Transform in One Day (Gábor)