138 iPS Open Source Swift


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    02:23 – Swift is Open Source: Why?

    05:59 – Running Swift on Linux and Raspberry Pi

    08:40 – Benefits of Running Swift as an Embedded Program

    10:50 – Is this a different Swift?

    11:35 – Cross-Platform Approaches

    13:27 – What is included in Open Source Swift?

    19:00 – Vs CocoaPods and Carthage

    20:38 – Building and Installation

    21:30 – IDE Integration; Opening Things Up with Xcode

    22:26 – Developing on GitHub

    24:56 – Downsides to Open Sourcing Swift ?

    26:47 – Benefits of Swift as a Server Side Language

    28:01 – Linux Support

    29:21 – Are we going to see Apple support other efforts?

    34:37 – REPLs (Read, Evaluate, Print, Loop)


    Alexandros Salazar: The Ghost of Swift Bugs Future (Jaim)
    Andrew Madsen: Swift on Raspberry Pi (Andrew)
    Swift Sandbox Open Source Newsletter (Andrew)
    IBM Swift Sandbox (Andrew)
    Nike+ Running (Chuck)
    Run 10k (Chuck)
    Pebble Time Steel (Chuck)
    AfterShokz Bluez 2 Headphones (Chuck)
    MyFitnessPal (Chuck)