1:10: Introduction: Andy Rahn

6:20: Kotlin: What it is, who is responsible

  • New language by JetBrains
  • Similar to Swift but for Android

10:50: Future of Kotlin

  • Google looking at Kotlin?
  • Running on the JVM

15:45: Benefits of Kotlin: Familiarity

  • Feels familiar; same syntax as Swift
  • Shares similar disadvantages

19:20: Interacting with Java API

  • Nullability
  • Bridging

23:20: Kotlin vs. Xcode

  • Kotlin has many more features
  • Debugger in Android Studio difficult to use

25:20: Unit testing in Kotlin

26:10: Kotlin is stable

  • Swift is moving more quickly

29:40: Swift vs Kotlin: Advanced features

  • Generics
  • Compile time analysis
  • Reactive extensions

37:25: How many are using Kotlin?


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