173 iPS IoT and IoT Weekly with Justin Grammens


    1:17 Justin Grammens Introduction

    3:59 Arduino Open Hardware Platform

    11:50 Raspberry Pi

    • Democratization of Technology

    14:07 Justin’s Internet of Things course

    24:41 Connecting to Data and Mesh networks

    28:27 IoT and M2M

    31:25 How to get started in IoT



    36:57 Recent IoT projects

    39:40 Inspiration for an IoT idea

    47:54 IoT Mentoring


    Skillshop.me (Andrew)

    SparkFun (Andrew)

    DigiKey (Andrew)

    Calmtech (Jaim)

    Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Layne)

    Pinewood Derby Track (Charles)

    Raspberry Pi Amazon Echo (Charles and Justin)

    iOS Remote Conf 2016 (Charles)

    DevChat webinars (Charles)

    Amazon Dash Button (Justin)


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