1:15: Introduction: Chris Eidhof

2:05: Structs in Swift

  • Blog post
  • Functional programming inspiration
  • Mutations in structs can be positive

3:55: Problems that can be solved

  • Unexpected changes, unexpected mutations
  • Make mutable opt-in

8:15: When mutating can be useful

  • Change an element at a specific index
  • Struct copies are very expensive

11:15: Benchmarks

15:30: New Data and Updates

  • Strategies for communicating changes in state

23:00 Writing simple code

27:00: ObjectiveC.io

33:00 Other projects


The Retro Mac Cast (Andrew)

68KMLA.org Forums (Andrew)

Twin Cities Startup Week (Jayme)

Eli Document Picker (Rod)

Functional Swift (Rod)

Michael Vey Fall of Hades (Chuck)

Webinar Jam (Chuck)

Get a Coder Job (Chuck)

Kyle Fuller (Chris)



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