186 iPS Year End Review and Predictions

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Year End Review and Predictions

On episode 186 of iPhreaks, Alondo Brewington, Jaim Zuber, and Andrew Madsen discussed about Year End Review and Predictions. They just thought it's a good idea to look back on what happened throughout 2016 in iOs and to make predictions for 2017 hoping for good things. Stay tuned to what they have to say!

2016 in a Flashback

Alondo shared how 2016 has been for him. He said that it was really a year of transition with some of the changes that happened in iOs. He took the chance to re-position himself to move forward. A lot of things took place for iOs developers, but Andrew emphasized that the major transition that happened  in the community was the Swift 3.0 along with the new features it brought. He felt that Swift really grew up and became something significant in 2016. In agreement with the two, Jaim expressed how he is pleased with Swift 3.0 being mature. He likes the fact that it makes him feel like working on a language which has its feet solidly planted on the ground.

Swift 3.0 on the Table

According to Apple, Swift 3.0 is the first sort of stable release. All of the Swift that has been released up to present is said to have broken all code with Swift 3.0 being the worst, but it's not going to happen anymore.

Looking Forward to iOs Innovations in 2017

What Alondo greatly hopes for in 2017 is that Siri Kit becomes open a bit more and allow its users to do more things. With that, Andrew remembers and talks about android fans who have said that the platforms for androids are so much more open than iOs, and developers get to do what they couldn't do in iOs. However, he points out that Apple has done a great job in opening bit by bit in terms of its applications, and wishes that they would continue in this trend. Talking about iPhone, Andrew is very optimistic about Apple keeping the same design for iPhone 7. He assumes that maybe the reason for this is because Apple is preparing to launch something explosive and much better than its latest released version. They just needed more time to work on it. To hear more of Year End Review and Predictions, download and listen to the entire episode.

Get in Touch

Get in touch with Alondo @abrewing, Jaim @jaimzuber, and Andrew @armadsen by following and tweeting them on Twitter. Don’t forget to let them know you heard about him on Devchat.tv’s iPhreaks podcast! If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of 186 iPS Year End Review and Predictions: Taking a flashback to 2016? (1:12) Putting Swift 3.0 on the table and the transition towards it? (2:03) Other big stories for iOs developers in 2016? (11:25) Insights on the Mac book Pro? (23:00) What will happen in 2017 on iOs? (28:24) Will there be new Macs? (37:00) Picks: Alondo - Cambodia CharitiesJaim - ZeplinAndrew - Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator


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