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Giving Back

On episode 187 of iPhreaks, Jaim Zuber and Andrew Madsen talked about Giving Back and helping new comers. Andrew just started on a new job as an iOs instructor in an iOs bootcamp in Salt Lake City. Learn more and be excited as you listen to Andrew's venture in the reaching out to novice developers.

The Beginning of a New Journey

Andrew has been a developer for years, and went onto part-time teaching 2 years ago. Just 6 months ago, he was given the opportunity to take it full-time. He gladly accepted it even if it meant that he will no longer be a full-time developer. He shares that it has been a big change, yet emphasized that it's a good one. The way he starts his day is no longer the same as he was used to before.  Everyday, he works directly with students, answers their questions, and doing projects with them. Among all his tasks, the most technical thing that he considers is writing the curriculum as he gets to write code. But it's from a very different perspective because it's not like working on a big app for a company. It's more focused on projects that are meant for the curriculum that teaches people.

Writing Code for Beginners

He is sensitive to his students' level in terms of writing code for them. Considering that they are still beginners, he makes sure that the code he writes is easy to understand. He desires that he would be able to cultivate good habits in them and does not want them to pick the negative ones.

Making Teaching Effective

Feedback is the only way to get things done. It is through this that a teacher is able to evaluate himself and his teaching. Andrew mentions that it helps him to continue to refine things to help his students. Recently, he started on a new project meant to replace an existing one. After he learned what his students said about it, he figured out a way in which the concepts will be introduced better. He always looks after his students' welfare and makes sure that they won't get discouraged. Be more inspired by Andrew Madsen's  way of  Giving Back by downloading and listening to the entire episode.

Andrew Wants to Hear from You

Reach out to Andrew by following and tweeting him @armadsen. Don’t forget to let them know you heard about him on Devchat.tv’s iPhreaks podcast! If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of 187 Giving Back: How Andrew started out in teaching? (0:41) How did his daily routine changed? (1:39) How Andrew made his teaching effective? (5:30) Teaching highly intellectual students? (14:12) Experience in speaking at conferences? (22:24) Picks: Andrew - ADTPro, Other World ComputingJaim - HelpMeAbstract.com


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