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iPhreaks Take Manhattan - Nat Friedman

On episode 189 of iPhreaks, Andrew and Jaim talk to Xamarin Founder Nat Friedman in New York City during Microsoft Connect(). Nat talks about his new role and about creating Visual Studio Mobile Center. Tune in to iPhreaks Take Manhattan - Nat Friedman.

Meet Nat Friedman

Nat is an expert programmer who hails from Virginia. He got exposed to open source since mid-90s. One of his companies, Xamarin, focuses on bringing tools for developers to help them build their apps. Early in March, Microsoft bought Xamarin. That's when Nat became in-charge of all efforts related to mobile developer tools.

Advantages of Working Under Microsoft

As an independent company, Xamarin had to support a number of employees. Consequently, they needed to provide their products at a high price. Now under Microsoft, they get to offer their products completely for free. Another good thing is they're now able to provide a full solution with Azure Cloud. The fascinating platform can be used to determine a person's emotions on a photo. It is commonly used by Uber.

Visual Studio Mobile Center

Nat is happy to share the mobile center. They created the platform to help developers in building their apps. With the mobile center, developers can setup different services to determine what they need.

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Get Connected

Reach out to Nat by following and tweeting him @natfriedman. Don’t forget to let Nat know you heard about him on Devchat.tv’s iPhreaks podcast! If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of iPhreaks Take Manhattan - Nat Friedman: Who is Nat Friedman? (00:23) What is a mobile center? (3:53) Providing certificate? (9:48) Making your app testable? (15:18) Analytics support in mobile center? (19:33) How services are integrated? (23:54) Picks: Nat: Rationally Speaking podcast, signal application


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