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Into the Wayback Machine with NeXTSTEP

On today's episode, Jaim, Andrew, Guilherme, and Erica talk about Into the Wayback Machine with NeXTSTEP. Tune in to learn more what NeXSTEP is and how it was way back in the late 80s and early 90s!

Origin of NeXTSTEP

Steve Jobs started NeXT, a computer company, days after Apple's board of directors pushed him out of the company. NeXT shipped their first hardware in 1988, and later became known as NeXTcube. It ran an operating system called NeXTSTEP. It was a Unix OS, which had some innovative features. And the actual version was 0.8, not 1.0. The really important thing that the developers created with the development environment that used objective C was obscure back then.

A More Efficient Product

NeXT targeted the education market. However, the base configuration was $75,000. It's just expensive for personal computers. Government agencies and financial institutions saw the value of quickly developing web applications. NeXTSTEP was more efficient compared to other programming languages and development environments.


There were apps for NeXT that wouldn't look so unfamiliar to a modern MAC OS 10 user. Some of the companies that wrote for NeXT are still around. Among the companies was Omnigroup. However, they transitioned to OS 10 after Apple bought NeXT. Later on, NeXT came up with system called web objects, which was sort of objective C for writing web apps. Download and listen to Into the Wayback with NeXTSTEP. What are your thoughts about this episode? We'd love to hear from you! Leave us a rating and review if you enjoyed the show.


Guilherme: XGistAndrew: Previous NeXT emulator, trivia: first web browser invented by Tim Berners-Lee Erica: iPad 1 trivia, Buzz NUG Buzzings, and Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio

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