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iPhreaks Notifications - Paola Mata

On episode 190 of iPhreaks, Andrew and Jaim discuss Notifications with Paola Mata. Paola is an iOS Swift Developer and organizer of NYC Tech Latinas. Tune in to learn more about notifications and how she got interested in it.

Interest in Notifications

Paola's interest in notifications started when she attended last year's WWDC. One of the talks that really caught her attention was on notifications. She was impressed with how the topic was delivered because it really went through the basics of understanding how things work. Notifications is a topic that is not commonly discussed in detail. So she thought of talking about what she learned in meet-ups. It's a good way to share her knowledge with beginners.

Uses of Notifications

There are several uses of notifications in general. They help us set time and remind us of our daily activities. They also notify us when there's a new information or any data that needs to be refreshed. In working on her app, notifications help her a lot in planning weekly. They inform her the important items that need to be taken care of. Basically, notifications exist to aid us in organizing and managing our schedule and workload.

Users' Experience in Notifications

What users see in notifications depend on where they are. Notifications may pop out on their lock screen or may show up as a banner at the top of the screen. They may also come along with sound depending on if the user made it available on his gadget. Paola also discussed other types of push notifications and the difference between a push and local notification. To learn about this download iPhreaks Notifications - Paola Mata, and listen to the entire episode.

Get Connected

Reach out to Paola by following and tweeting her @PaolaNotPaolo. Don’t forget to let Paola know you heard about her on Devchat.tv’s iPhreaks podcast! If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of iPhreaks Notifications - Paola Mata: Who is Paola Mata? (00:31) What got her interested in notifications? (1:05) Notifications uses? (2:50) How users experience notifications? (3:49) Other types of pushed notifications? (4:22) The difference between a local and push notification? (4:45) More on push notifications? (9:51) Good uses for notifications? (15:50) New features of iOS 10 notifications? (16:52) More actions we can do with notifications? (23:15) Guidelines for not annoying users? (25:09) Other apps that are good for inspiration?  (33:44) Picks: Andrew: W3 Stand by Elago and Mini vMacJaim: Iron Made Paola: (39:58), Strong Lifts Links: Apple Documentation on NotificationsWWDC 2016 Sessions 707 on User NotificationsWWDC 2016 Sessions 708 on User NotificationsSwift NYC talk by Ellen Shapiro


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