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iPhreaks Take Manhattan II - Sam Guckenheimer

On episode 191 of iPhreaks, Andrew and Jaim discuss iPhreaks ** Take Manhattan II with Sam Guckenheimer.** Sam is the Group Product Planner of the Visual Studio Team Services of Microsoft. In the last 6 years, he has been working on Microsoft's transformation from Agile to DevOps. Tune into their exciting talk, and learn about it!

DevOps Overview

DevOps is basically about validated learning. Whenever you build software, you'd find out that the process you are doing initially supports your hypothesis of your expected result. About a third of the time, it becomes contradicting then next it doesn't make any difference. What DevOps does is that it automates the build-test-publish cycle, aiming to create an environment where building, testing, and releasing software can frequently happen. Its end result will tell you if the changes you made created a positive difference. You get to see what's really working and receive feedback.

Different Validation Approach

Lean Startup Validation is the process of taking an application and figuring out what people are using. It determines which features people care about. However, Sam presents a different approach in validation through data collection. This method helps back up claims that users care about a particular feature. Visual Studio Mobile Center lets you setup a test automation across all real devices using the Test Cloud. The results directly return back into your build. After the results, you get to see the test and visual logs. You then publish instrumentation using the HockeyApp which works for both androids and iOS.

On HockeyApp

Since HockeyApp has the benefit of working across two platforms, android and iOS, you see results in one place from all the data. You then get to observe what your inner users are doing and make decisions if it's good for blogger release and publishing. You have to continue monitoring what's happening once in a while. To hear about iPhreaks Take Manhattan II - Sam Guckenheimer, download and listen to the entire episode.

Get Connected

Reach out to Sam by following and tweeting him @SamGuckenheimer Don’t forget to let Sam know you heard about him on Devchat.tv’s iPhreaks podcast! If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of iPhreaks Take Manhattan II - Sam Guckenheimer: Who is Sam Guckenheimer and what is he up to now? (00:24) What is DevOps? (2:28) What is Sam's validation approach? (6:12) How does HockeyApp help in validation? (8:35) What are the two kinds of data collected? (12:32) How to correlate data collected? (16:12) How to make decisions using data collected? (19:45) Picks: Sam: White Source


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