iPS 168 Automated Code Metrics with Simone Civetta


    DevOps Remote Conference

    NoSQL Remote Conference

    1:50 – Introducing Simone Civetta



    Frenchkit Twitter

    2:16 – Automated Code Metrics in Swift

    4:06 – Strategies to Determine Code Complexity

    6:17- Adding a Language

    7:28 – Why Is Cyclomatic Complexity Important? How Can We Use This Information To Improve Our Code?

    11:02- Difference Between Cyclomatic Complexity and End Path Complexity

    13:40 – Using and Understanding Different Values of Cyclomatic Complexity

    15:10 – Automating The Process

    16:38 – Integrating Metrics Into A Complete Dashboard

    18:12- Technical Debt Metric

    21:16 – Stressing About Metric Values

    25:50- Impact Of The Community on Swift’s Tools

    • SwiftLane
    • Carthage
    • Tailor

    27:55- First Steps To Evaluating Code

    30:15- Using Code Climate

    31:20 – Using Hound

    33:30- French Kit Conference


    Slide Deck Link (Jaim)

    The Hero of Ages: Book Three of Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson (Layne)

    Wood Badge Scout Training (Charles)

    Boy Scouts of America (Charles)

    Postal (Simone)