1:28: Tyler McGinnis Introduction

2:15 React Native

  • CodePush

4:37: Cross Network Frameworks

11:20: The Experience of Going From iOS to Android

16:20: Andy Matuschak Tweet

17:05: Basic Building Blocks

  • Container Components
  • Presentational Components

21:17 Reducers

  • Time Travel Debugging

23:15: Downsides of React Native

26:45: Proper Threading

  • Animation Issues

30:58: Route Transitions

36:15: Testing a React Native Application

40:12: Facebook’s Goals with App Development


Cannery Row by John Steinbeck (Jaim)

No Man’s Sky (Layne)

Remember the Titans (Charles)

Dan Abramov - Live React: Hot Reloading with Time Travel (Tyler)

React.js (Tyler)


Tyler on JavaScript Jabber

Redux and React With Dan Abramov

JavaScript Core With Cesare Rocchi


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