iPS 218: App Launch Map with Aleen Simms

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Panel: Gui Rambo Jaim Zuber Erica Sadun Andrew Madsen Special Guest: Aleen Simms In today's episode, the iPhreaks discuss app launch map with Aleen Simms. Aleen has been working in a variety of tech industry roles for nearly a decade. Currently, she is the proprietress of App Launch Map, which helps iOS and Mac developers with the non-code side of launching or updating an app. She also organizes App Camp for Girls Phoenix, where she helps girls, transgender, and gender non-conforming kids learn about the joys (and sometimes misadventures) of iOS app development. A podcaster herself, you can find Aleen on her own show, Originality, where she and her cohost try to get to the roots of creative genius. You can also find her on The Incomparable from time to time. In particular, we dive pretty deep on:


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