iPS 219: Phreaking it up! with Daniel Jalkut

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Panel: Gui Erica Special Guest:  Daniel Jalkut In today's episode, the iPhreaks discuss Phreaking it up! with Daniel Jalkut. Daniel is an indie developer for the last decade of Mac software. Also, Daniel has done consulting for Apple software and work with system software at Apple. Since then Daniel has been creating an application for the OSX and iOS platform. Daniel talks about his application Mars Edit, a desktop blog editing program, that he has been developing for over the last 15 years. Daniel talks about the new developing updates on Mars Edit 4. You can learn more about Daniel and his project on his podcast Core Intuition. In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Being indie
  • Mars Edit - Writing content for the web
  • Hop jobs every few years
  • Mars Edit 4
  • What is new in Mars Edit 4
  • Balancing the fundamental features
  • Finding room to add the extra features
  • Giving customer source idea but not time to deliver
  • Modeling your customers and testing
  • Post kind settings and user feedback
  • Working in the app versus the browser for editing blogs
  • Permalinks and slugs
  • Apple store eco-system and being an indie developer
  • Load app into the Apple App Store
  • Sandboxing
  • No counterparts fo the OSX apps
  • Waiting for updates to the App Store
  • Pricing apps realistically - or a race to the bottom pricing
  • Are people using Mac for blogging?
  • Resisting jumping to Swift
  • Swift just works
  • And much much more! Links:
  • https://red-sweater.com/about/DanielJalkut.html
  • @ danielpunkass
  • Core Intuition Podcast
  • Mars Edit 4 beta Picks:  Gui:
  • Workflow  Erica
  • Oathbringer  Daniel
  • The Impossible Burger
  • Annotate


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