Special Guest: 

Dave DeLong

In today's episode, the iPhreak’s Gui Rambo speaks with Dave DeLong. Dave is a seven-year veteran of Apple, Dave DeLong is an accomplished iOS engineer with a passion for teaching, and hacking the Objective-C runtime. During his time at Apple, he worked on the UIKit framework, Developer Evangelism, and Apple Maps. He now works at Snap, Inc. on the Snapchat app.

Dave, his family, and his large collection of bowties live near Salt Lake City, UT, where he’s an active member of the local developer community. He can often be found on Twitter teaching developers about all the ways that calendrical calculations can go wrong.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • History of involvement with Swift 8:20
  • How is Swift as an open source project? 10:50
  • What is Swift Evolution? 12:43
  • Swift releases cycles 14:40
  • How do developers deal with Swift changes 15:40
  • Did Apple ship Swift too early? 17:50
  • Objective-C is evolving too 26:00
  • Swift interoperation with C libraries like Core Foundation 28:59
  • Upcoming Swift C Integration in Swift 5 30:00
  • Other C API’s 31:30
  • Customization of Types in Swift 36:22
  • Dave and Erica’s Swift Non-Standard Libraries Proposal 38:00
  • Dave’s idea for improving Date API’s 43:48
  • What are the goals for a Non-Standard Libraries? 47:50
  • How to get involved with Swift Evolution 54:00









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