In today's episode, Andrew and Jaim talk about Code Signing and the problems you’ll run into when setting up CI systems. Andrew asks specific questions to help bring to the surface better understanding of the issues, dos and don’ts when working with iOS and Code signing. This is based on Jaim’s experience setting up a build pipeline in Jenkins. This is a great episode for those who are looking to learn more about iOS and ways around roadblocks.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Jaim’s talks about what brings this topic up
  • XCode 9 and others issues
  • iOS development and Code Signing
  • iOS security model
  • Cutting down build time
  • Building with  Jenkins
  • Utilities
  • Managing the Build Server
  • Sharing Certificates
  • Fast Lanes match.
  • This will save a half day of debugging
  • Setting up a build server – Resources?
  • Inside Code Signing
  • Mac OS Code Signing In Depth
  • IPA zip file and unzipping
  • Call Jaim if you don’t want resolve these issues!
  • Works for Native Apps…
  • It is possible to fix this issue








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