iPS 224: Design Code with Meng To and Marcos Griselli


Jaim Zuber

Gui Rambo

Special Guests:

Meng To

Marcos Griselli

In today's episode, iPhreaks speaks with Meng To and Marcos Griselli about Design Code. Design Code is an interactive book and app on how to design and code an iOS 11 app.  Meng and Marcos talk about early career challenges building an iOS app. Meng talks about solving this problem with their Design Code book and app and making the process faster and intuitive. This is great for developers who want to learn to build an iOS app with little to advance knowledge.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Design Code Platform
  • Books and resources
  • How big is the team?
  • Designers and Developers working together, challenges and wins
  • Not Prototype Code, Real Code
  • Auto layout in Design tools
  • What can developers learn from designers?
  • Margins
  • Design guidelines
  • Negative Spacing
  • iOS 11 design changes
  • Developing for iOS 11
  • How can I decide between regular titles and large titles?
  • Transitioning from web to mobile design
  • Tab Bars
  • Design Language and Guide Lines
  • and much more!