• Gui Rambo
  • Andrew Madsen

Special Guest: Marin Todorov

In today's episode, the iPheaks panelist speaks with Marin Todorov about Realm. Marin is an independent developer and works exclusively in the iOS platform. Marin does contract work, open source projects is an author of multiple publications, a speaker,  and does in-house training. Marin answers questions about the inner workings or Realm, what and who is using Realm, how it functions and popular ways to implement Realm in your projects.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • What is Realm?
  • What are differences from other data options?
  • Is Realm a SQL database?
  • Live objects in Realm
  • Multi-threading and Reactive
  • What is data type returned from Realm?
  • What is an Object Graph?
  • Realm Cloud
  • Marin’s Realm Book
  • Realm World Tour
  • And much much more!







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