• Gui Rambo
  • Andrew Madsen
  • Erica Sadun
  • Jaim Zuber

Special Guest: Andrew McKnight

In today's episode, the iPheaks panelist speak with Andrew McKnight about Surveying How Swift Evolves. Andrew provides information on a presentation he did at iOS Dev Camp Colorado, on a survey looking at the open source Swift repositories to see how developers are extending the language, foundation, or standard library. This is a great episode to gain insight into how developers on the iOS platform are helping evolve the Swift language and much more.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • What was being surveyed? – Utility Libraries and general purpose
  • How did you search for Utility Libraries?
  • What is the purpose of the utility libraries?
  • Duplicate extensions
  • What are the most popular extensions that are recreated?
  • String and Trim
  • What is trim()?
  • Why is targeting utility libraries problematic?
  • What is the goal?
  • Did you find wrong or dangerous implementations?
  • Why is their discussion/drama around gathering these extensions?
  • Would these be good topics to file Radars?
  • Brisk –
  • What is it like entering the Swift Evolution Process?
  • Can a community-driven proposal gain traction?
  • Did you look into custom types like Result<T>?
  • And much much more!







Andrew McKnight