Jaim Zuber

Special Guest: Yonas Kolb

In today’s episode, the iPhreaks panel talks to Yonas Kolb about XcodeGen and other Swift tools. Yonas works on a number of open source projects that Jaim has been working with recently, notably XcodeGen, Mint, and Beak. They talk about what each of these open source tools are and do, use cases for XcodeGen, and the benefits of checking in VS not checking in. They also touch on obscure things you can do with XcodeGen, how he started the project, and more!

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Yonas intro
  • XcodeGen
  • Swift command line tool
  • Why bother?
  • Merge conflicts
  • Use with complicated setups
  • How do you define the files?
  • Point at a directory and it will work itself out
  • What’s the output of the XcodeGen tool?
  • Skeptical at first
  • Benefits of checking in vs not checking in XcodeGen project?
  • What do you use to describe the format?
  • How do I set project configurations?
  • Build setting names
  • New documentation for build settings – Xcode Build Settings Reference
  • Does XcodeGen work with CocoaPods?
  • Obscure things you can do with XcodeGen
  • How did you start the project?
  • Xcake and Struct
  • Swift
  • How is Swift for writing tools?
  • What libraries do you use for writing shell commands?
  • Mint
  • Beak
  • And much, much more!







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