• Gui Rambo
  • Erica Sadun
  • Jaim Zuber
  • Andrew Madsen

Special Guest: Paul Hudson

In today's episode, the iPheaks panelist speaks with, their very own, Gui Rambo. Gui shares information about the new features with Siri in iOS 12. Gui talks about the extended integration of Siri with other apps in iOS. The panel continues to discuss the further contextual suggestions of Siri, as well as the customizable features and extensions with Siri. Lastly, Gui talks about a new app, the Shortcuts App,  that may make an appearance in iOS 12. This is a great episode to learn more about the upcoming new feature for iOS devices.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • What’s new in Siri for iOS12?
  • What is a Siri Intent?
  • Creating or defining intents
  • Run Templates
  • NSUser Activity API
  • Siri Knowledge System
  • Are Siri Shortcuts the same thing as custom intents?
  • What variables are used to determine what intents should be shown?
  • Examples of working with e-commerce app and learned activity
  • Can you charge money from an intent?
  • What kind of output or feedback do you get with custom intents?
  • Why isn’t there more Siri capabilities on the Mac?
  • How do you make custom intents?
  • How you help users discover intents?
  • Shortcuts App 
  • And much much more!





  • Original iPhone Battery Life




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