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  • Andrew Madsen
  • Guilherme Rambo

Special Guest: Mohammad Azam

Episode Summary

In this episode of iPhreaks, the panel hosts Mohammad Azam, a Full Stack Immersive Web Instructor at DigitalCrafts and a Udemy instructor. Mohammad talks about ARKit: how it works, its features, its benefits and which industries will possibly benefit from this augmented reality framework.

They talk about what actions Apple takes to help developers feel more comfortable with 3D development. They also briefly compare ARKit and Unity. Mohammad gives examples of some of the more interesting projects he has seen done, using ARKit. He then talks about resources where developers can learn about ARKit; two of which are Mohammad’s YouTube video, Building Augmented Reality Apps Using ARKit and his Udemy course Mastering ARKit for iOS which offers a coupon code 'iPHREAKS' for Devchat.tv listeners.



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