iPS 268: Use Compositional Layout back to iOS11 With This One Simple Trick with Katsumi Kishikawa



  • Jaim Zuber

  • Michael Holt

  • Evan Stone

Joined by Special Guest: Katsumi Kishikawa


Katsumi Kishikawa, a talented open source library creator from Japan joins the panel which now includes our newest panelist, Evan Stone, an iOS developer and consultant since 2011 based in San Francisco. Katsumi shares with the panel how he got started and why he created a library that lets you use compositional layout back to iOS11. The panel considers the cool features that can be used with this tool and Katsumi shares some new features he is hoping to implement before the iOS13 release. Katsumi explains how the code tricks the compiler to make possible to backport to older versions of iOS. The challenges in backporting to iOS12 and 11, including orthogonal scrolling is discussed. Katsumi shares a bit about an application he built called Swift-ast-explorer. Impressed with all Katsumi’s work, the panel wonders how he gets all this done and they thank him for sharing his work. 



Michael Holt:

Evan Stone: