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Joined by Special Guest: Petrie Michael


Joining iPhreaks is our new panelist Abbey Jackson, an iOS developer from Vancouver, Canada and our special guest Petrie Michael, an iOS developer from Australia currently working in Japan. Petrie has joined the podcast today to discuss his recent talk at TrySwift about Ray tracing. After defining ray tracing and explaining how it works, Petrie walks the panel through his demonstration for his talk. The panel discusses the technology he uses and how a bigger project becomes much more complex using a Mercedes rendering he did. Petrie introduces binary space partitioning and how this speeds up the process. The panel asks Petrie for recommendations for beginners to graphics, how to get started and what language to use. 


Petrie shares his opinions on the state of the industry. The first being that modern programmers try to solve problems that don’t exist. The second being that programmers are neglecting to focus on things that encourage productivity. The panel discusses examples of these and how we can improve. 



Abbey Jackson:

Petrie Michael: