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In this episode of The iPhreaks Show Andrew Madsen and Evan Stone discuss the recent Apple Event and the announcements made there. To start, the panel discusses their thoughts one the event as a whole. The panel was surprised that the event was very product-driven with only a few mentions of software changes. Andrew did notice that when they did talk about the software they introduced it with the hardware as one product, which he enjoyed as a more holistic approach than in previous years. 


Apple Arcade and the games they featured is the next topic the panel discusses. Andrew explains that he is not much into gaming but even his interested was piqued by the games they demonstrated. Evan wonders how the games will translate across platforms. He is especially interested in how they will translate to the Apple TV. 


This brings them to a discussion of the Apple TV+. The panel considers the risk Apple is taking by only airing original content. They comment on the trailer for See that was shown at the conference. Andrew explains that they will have around 50 shows to start all over various genres. Evan brings up the very affordable price of only 5 bucks a month or free for a year when you buy an apple product. The panel considers how this strategy will help them build up an audience. 


Another product announced at the event is the apple watch series 5. The panel jumps into discussing the new health features. They share how impressed they were the videos that explained the new health features. Andrew wonders with all the amazing things the watch can do what will they come up with ten years from now. He and Evan consider the possibilities, warnings for heart attack or stroke, blood sugar monitoring and more. 


Moving on from the health features of the watch, the panel discusses a feature that has been a long time coming, the always-on screen. The panel considers why it took so long for this feature to come out. Evan shares his particular interest in this feature because of the safety hazards of looking at his watch while biking. 


Another new feature for the apple watch 5 is the added compass. The panel laughs as they never realized the watch didn’t have a compass especially because the apple watch 4 comes with GPS. The panel discusses how the compass may help other functionalities of the watch like GPS and maps. The final point the panel discusses about the new apple watch is that through Apple Watch Studios you can choose your case and band. 


The panel talks briefly about the iPad announcements, which they deemed the least interesting announcement. Apple is adding a smart connector to the low-end iPads and increasing the size of the screen. The panel considers how these changes along with pencil support make it a great deal. 


The main show at the event was the iPhone 11 presentation. The panel expresses how impressed they were with the way the iPhone 11 was presented. Along with performance improvements and a second camera, the iPhone 11 comes in a lot more colors than previous phones. Andrew is especially excited about the green phone and hopes to pick up a green iPhone 11 Pro. 


The panel considers the look of the phone. Evan expresses his disappointment with the square bump on the back where the cameras are mounted. They consider how cameras work and why the bump is necessary. 


They move onto the quality of the cameras. Andrew explains that while he is a camera and photography hobbyist, most of the pictures he takes with his phone are personal, family photos. Evan is not much of a photographer but loves having a high-quality camera on his phone. He especially appreciated it on his recent trip to Portugal. The quality of the camera makes a difference, the example they use for this point is by comparing a picture taken with an iPhone and one taken by a $50 android phone. There is no contest. However, Google cameras have gained a reputation for quality, the panel explains why this is a good thing. A little competition will help apple stay motivated in advancing its camera quality. 


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