iPS217: High Sierra app updates with Tim Ekl

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Panel: Gui Jaim Erica Andrew In today's episode, the iPhreaks discuss the High Sierra app updates with Tim Ekl. Tim is an engineer at the Omni group, where Tim work on Omni focus for Mac and iOS. Tim has been active in the iOS community for 5 years and he likes to assists the Xcode meetups. The discussion dives into the now one-week old public release of High Sierra for OSX. Tim talks about the pain-free transition to the new operating system. Tim goes into the minor bug fixes Omni had to fix as they transitioned, and gives some examples of the functions of Touch Bar feature. In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • API difference
  • Incremental updates and minor adaption for the new hardware system for Touch Bar and Force Touch Trackpad.
  • How as Omni adopted the touch bar features
  • Minimal upkeep for the Touch Bar
  • Has the Touch Bar been a successful feature, and for Omni Focus?
  • Integration of app to use the Touch Bar.
  • Mixed feelings about the Touch Bar, useful for sliders. etc.
  • Deciding what features are active with the Touch Bar, or switching to iOS and desktop UIs.
  • Specific design language for iOS or OSX?
  • Longpress  -  How do you decide what gets the Force Touch or Long press?
  • How do you assist the visual disable in the application design?
  • New file system -  How is it affecting the Omni application?
  • Decisions on which features are most important for the app Omni Focus
  • APFS impact on application
  • Omini Disk Sweeper 
  • Apple slowing down and building support rather than new features
  • Maybe Apple is laying down the foundation for new features that we don’t know about
  • Has Omni gone into whole Swift?
  • Language stability -  are you comfortable bringing in the new language
  • The great renaming  Links:Omni Group@timekl @OmniGrouptimekl.comCarbon Copy ClonerPicks: Gui:
  • How To Train Your Own Model for CoreML Jaim Erica
  • Honda Element - Discontinued Andrew
  • New Star Trek Tim
  • Carbon Copy Cloner


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