201 iPS Japan, Sequences and Collections with Soroush Khanlou


    Japan, Sequences and Collections with Soroush Khanlou

    On today's episode, Jaim, Erica, and Andrew discuss Japan, Sequences and Collections with Soroush Khanlou. Soroush is an iOs developer from New York City. He served as one of the speakers in try! Swift Conference in Japan. Also, he is a blogger and the co-host of a popular software engineering podcast titled Fatal Error. Tune in!

    Podcast for Software Engineers

    Fatal Error has been around for a couple of years. Soroush and his co-host friend acknowledge the need for dedication in providing solutions to problems. Their podcast is great for software engineers.

    They are praised for providing effective solutions. Although it might not be possible to write code the first time, you will know if you are doing it properly and when things become easier to do. Through it all, mistakes have lessons that everyone can learn from.

    Digging for More

    At the try! Swift conference in Japan, Soroush talked about sequence and collections. Although they are no longer new, things can get confusing when people start to dig into them.

    There are important and deep parts of the library. You can choose a particular behavior by conforming to a specific type, but actions become more effective when there is good understanding of certain particles.

    How Sequences and Collections Work

    Soroush explains that sequences are the simplest type available. It provides a make-iterator function, which conforms to a special protocol. The protocol then has a next() function that can be called repeatedly until it gives a no, signifying the end of a sequence.

    From a simple behavior, the library builds a lot of functionalities. It is given for free by implementing the methods.

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