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Keith Ballinger

On today's episode, Jaim and Andrew discuss with  Keith Ballinger. Keith is the Director of PM in Microsoft's Mobile Development Tools Division, and currently focuses on the different cloud services from mobile developers. He's also had a series of startups before he came to the company. Stay tuned to learn about his projects, which include Microsoft's Visual Studio Mobile Center!

What's Unique about Xamarin

Xamarin offers cool features and advantages for developers. It allows them to use C# to build iOS and android applications, which are just as native as if they use Java, Swift, or Objective - C. In this, they simply reuse their C# existing skills, and there is no need to relearn.

"They just have to learn the ins and outs of the mobile operating system which are different from web apps and desktop computing." - Keith Ballinger

Another advantage Xamarin has is that developers don't necessarily need to rewrite their app twice. They can simply have a shared code base, but that doesn't mean they have 100% of their code reused. Taking the common code that is used for business logic and networking increases productivity.

Overview on Visual Studio Mobile Center

Visual Studio Mobile Center is a collection of mobile cloud services for developers, in which they have a CI service called the build service. What they do is that they check into Github and provide the build for their clients. This mobile center includes a real world device which is a product of Xamarin test cloud, a beta distribution service, and a crash reporting which is a combination of existing technologies within Microsoft. They partner with Azure app service team to provide backend services.

How HockeyApp Works

HockeyApp has different sets of tools and software that are available for installation on a user's device. It is automated and has become easier to use. With iTunes, one can upload a list of UDIDs, making it unnecessary to do the collection. This application has created tools that can run the beta testers devices to perform the collection and provide convenience. The team that works on HockeyApp ultimately aims to help users collect the UDIDs needed for their provisioning profile in a more seamless manner than how it is today. To hear about Keith Ballinger, download and listen to the entire episode. Leave us a rating and review if you enjoyed the show. We love hearing from you! If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of Keith Ballinger: Mobile development at Microsoft? (1:18) Why use Xamarin? (6:30) Visual Studio Mobile Center? (14:03) Competitive advantage? (20:51) Support for testing? (30:36) Visual Studio software setup? (36:06) HockeyApp workflow for developer? (39:19)


Keith:  The Goal novel, The Phoenix Project novel


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