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Linea with Dustin Bruzenak and Troy Gaul from Iconfactory

On today's episode, Jaim and Guilherme discuss Linea with Dustin Bruzenak and Troy Gaul from Iconfactory. Dustin is a programmer and consultant at Iconfactory, while Troy is the primary developer for Linea. Both have been in the industry for many years. Tune in to their exciting talk about developing and releasing the incredibly simple drawing app!

The Linea App

Linea is a drawing application intended for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. The designers noticed how other applications, such as Apple Notes, weren't designed for sketching. They wanted something that's more suitable. With Linea, anyone can easily sketch ideas and use it primarily in creating icons.

Major App Considerations

Iconfactory had two things in mind: pencil rendering and performance. First, they considered how the sketch would look like if they draw it with a pencil. They used their background knowledge on Photoshop and other tools to make it look the same.

“Our competition is we really needed to create something that replaced the physical paper notebook...for sketching.” -Dustin Bruzenak

Performance was another thing they considered. For them, latency should be low or none at all. They believed that any problems in performance will be made obvious with the pencil.

Techniques to Improve Performance

Iconfactory focused on making the rendering model as simple as possible. They ensured the brushing model was straightforward and fast to render. There was no need for them to create complex blending modes. In the process, they also made sure they understood and were aware of the data they handled. They simply did not want to complicate things. To hear about Linea with Dustin Bruzenak and Troy Gaul from Iconfactory, download and listen to the entire episode. Special thanks to our guest panelist Guilherme Rambo. Feel free to tweet him at @_inside. Let us know if you also want to be on the show. We would love to hear from you! If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of Linea with Dustin Bruzenak and Troy Gaul from Iconfactory: What is Linea? (2:46) Major considerations in building Linea? (4:12) Techniques to make the pencil perform fast? (6:54) What does a rendering model mean? (8:43) How they improved the app's performance? (11:04) Difficulty in producing the app? (22:44) Why the Apple Pencil for iPad Pro? (30:23)


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