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iPhreaks Episodes

071 iPhreaks Show – Freelancing

Chuck and Jaim talk about being on your own as a freelancer.

070 iPhreaks Show – The Alcatraz Xcode Plugin Project with Delisa Mason

The panelists talk to Delisa Mason about the Alcatraz Xcode Plugin Project.

069 iPhreaks Show – The Khan Academy iOS with Laura Savino

The panelists discuss The Khan Academy iOS with Laura Savino.

068 iPhreaks Show – Team Dynamics

Alondo and Chuck discuss team dynamics.

067 iPhreaks Show – Functional Swift with Michael Dippery

The panelists discuss functional Swift with Michael Dippery.

066 iPhreaks Show – The Internals of Reveal with Oliver Jones

The panelists talk to Oliver Guests about the internals of Reveal.

065 iPhreaks Show – Mobile Backend Services, API Design & Hypermedia with Stewart Gleadow

The panelists discuss mobile backend services, API design & hypermedia with Stewart Gleadow.

064 iPhreaks Show – VIPER with Conrad Stoll and Jeff Gilbert

The panelists discuss VIPER with Conrad Stoll and Jeff Gilbert.

063 iPhreaks Show – Office Setups, Tools and Workflows

The panelists talk about their office setups, tools and workflows.

061 iPhreaks Show – TableView with Tony Ingraldi

The panelists discuss TableView with Tony Ingraldi.

060 iPhreaks Show – Core Data with Marcus Zarra

The panelists discuss core data with Marcus Zarra.

059 iPhreaks Show – Device-Connected Apps with Carl Brown

The panelists discuss device-connected apps with Carl Brown.

058 iPhreaks Show – Windows Azure with Chris Risner

The panelists discuss Windows Azure with Chris Risner.

057 iPhreaks Show – MIDI

The panelists discuss MIDI.

056 iPhreaks Show – Mobile Performance Monitoring with Brit Young

The panelist talk to Brit Young of New Relic about performance monitoring.

055 iPhreaks Show – Faking Out Backend Services

The panelists discuss faking out backend services.

054 iPhreaks Show – Getting Featured in the App Store with Ben Johnson

The panelists talk to Ben Johnson about how to get your app featured in The App Store.

053 iPhreaks Show – High Performance Computing with Colin Cornaby

The panelists talk about high performance computing with Colin Cornaby.

052 iPhreaks Show – Book Club: Functional Reactive Programming with Ash Furrow

This Book Club Episode features Ash Furrow, who wrote the book, Functional Reactive Programming.