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iPhreaks Episodes

059 iPhreaks Show – Device-Connected Apps with Carl Brown

The panelists discuss device-connected apps with Carl Brown.

058 iPhreaks Show – Windows Azure with Chris Risner

The panelists discuss Windows Azure with Chris Risner.

057 iPhreaks Show – MIDI

The panelists discuss MIDI.

056 iPhreaks Show – Mobile Performance Monitoring with Brit Young

The panelist talk to Brit Young of New Relic about performance monitoring.

055 iPhreaks Show – Faking Out Backend Services

The panelists discuss faking out backend services.

054 iPhreaks Show – Getting Featured in the App Store with Ben Johnson

The panelists talk to Ben Johnson about how to get your app featured in The App Store.

053 iPhreaks Show – High Performance Computing with Colin Cornaby

The panelists talk about high performance computing with Colin Cornaby.

052 iPhreaks Show – Book Club: Functional Reactive Programming with Ash Furrow

This Book Club Episode features Ash Furrow, who wrote the book, Functional Reactive Programming.

051 iPhreaks Show – Teaching Kids to Program with Jim Rutherford

The panelists interview Jim Rutherford and talk about cool ways to get kids involved in programming.

050 iPhreaks Show – HTTP APIs

The panelists discuss HTTP APIs.

049 iPhreaks Show – ReactiveCocoa with Terry Lewis

The panelists talk to Terry Lewis about ReactiveCocoa.

048 iPhreaks Show – Sprite Kit with Jonathan Penn

The panelists discuss Sprite Kit with Jonathan Penn.

047 iPhreaks Show – Game Development with Giant Spacekat of Revolution 60 with Brianna...

The panelists talk about game development with Brianna Wu, Amanda Stenquist Warner, and Maria Enderton of Giant Spacekat of Revolution 60.

046 iPhreaks Show – Technical Debt with Jared Richardson

The panelists talk to Jared Richardson about Technical and Credit Card Debt.

045 iPhreaks Show – The Masonry Pod with Jonas Budelmann

The panelists talk to Jonas Budelmann about The Masonry Pod.

044 iPhreaks Show – Offline Authentication with Peter Kananen

The panelists talk about offline authentication with Peter Kananen.

043 iPhreaks Show – Core Location & iBeacons with Josh Johnson

The panelists discuss core location beacons with Josh Johnson.

042 iPhreaks Show – Concurrency with Jeff Kelley

The panelists talk to Jeff Kelley about Concurrency in OS X and iOS.

041 iPhreaks Show – The App Store with Azam Sharp

The panelists talk about the app store with Azam Sharp.

040 iPhreaks Show – MGPCommandBus with Saul Mora

The panelists talk to Saul Mora about The Responder Chain and MGPCommandBus.