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    SourceKit and SourceKitten with JP Simard

    On today's episode, Jaim talks about Sourcekit and SourceKitten with JP Simard. JP has been working with Realm for about three years. He appeared as guest on episode 104. Listen to this exciting episode on Apple's SourceKit and learn how SourceKitten can make your work easier!

    What is SourceKit

    SourceKit is a powerful tool for Swift programmers. It's a library and a service that you can integrate into the compiler. According to JP, it allows you to work on IDE-like features just like what Apple does to build Xcode.

    Finding Ways to Build

    Needless to say, there are promising but close source tools that engineers want to understand and use. When Xcode 6 was released, it came with a handful of command line tools bundled with its beta version.

    JP wanted to build a documentation generator for Swift. He managed to play around and got the basic API documentation metadata for Xcode.

    But since many are finding their ways to exploit them, the company removed the tools. That's when JP found the XPC service that Xcode was communicating with, which was SourceKit.

    What is XPC

    SourceKit is built on XPC, an interprocess communication on Darwin platforms. XPC uses similar mechanisms as the Darwin notifications.

    But, this powerful tool isn't available to those outside of Apple. Tune in to today's episode to know more about it.

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