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Take Manhattan III with Kasey Uhlenhuth

On today's episode, Andrew and Jaim discuss Take Manhattan III with Kasey Uhlenhuth. Kasey hails from Louisville, Kentucky. She is a program manager of .NET and the visual studio team at Microsoft, specifically on Roslin. Stay tuned to learn more about what she is up to as well as her expertise in programming.

Overview of Roslin

Around 8 or 9 years ago, Microsoft wanted to restructure the C#VB compiler platform from native code to manage code. They have come up with Roslin, which is the code name of the long marketing issue .NET compiler platform. The two main reasons why they did it was because Roslin makes them write language features faster and IDE features by putting API surface on top. Before Roslin came, everything was written in C++, and it just grew over the years. It soon became so difficult to add and for people to figure things out. The API surface on top of it was not clear in order for them to build such as factoring tools.

Manage Code

Manage code serves as a garbage collector. It means that you don't have to worry about having C and C++.  It's like a different level between the actual bits and bytes you run in your machine and your language.

Advantages of Roslin

Roslin helps the compiler become easier to work on. The API surface is provided on top of it, making everything as open source. Now you could write things like the syntax tree API with the semantic model on top of it. Anyone could now write a code analysis tool using these things, a code generation tool for example. One thing that Microsoft really focuses on are Roslin analyzers. These allow you write your own custom code. Building a visual studio first is not really necessary before the compiler comes in. To hear about Take Manhattan III with Kasey Uhlenhuth, download and listen to the entire episode. If you have further questions, Kasey would love to answer you! Just follow and tweet her on Twitter @kuhlenhuth. If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of Take Manhattan III with Kasey Uhlenhuth: Overview of Roslin? (1:05) What is manage code? (2:42) Some advantages of Roslin? (3:30) Other tools people are creating? (7:35) Is Roslin cross-platform? (9:02) Is Roslin written in C#? (10:43) Difference of generics and C#? (16:12) Features of C# version 7? (16:59) How Roslin is designed? (19:08) Advice in learning C#? (32:59)


Kasey:  Kentucky Bourbon Trail


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