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Unity for iOS

On today's episode, Jaim, Andrew, and Gee discuss  Unity for iOS with Martin Grider. Martin is the owner and lead developer of Abstract Puzzle, LLC. He is lately into iOS freelancing and has a blog at chesstris.com. Stay tuned to learn more about what is new with iOS and what Martin currently enjoys doing!

Unity and Unreal

More than a year ago, Martin began to focus on doing 3D stuff. Since he was familiar with some game frameworks, he tried them out and spent more time on Unity and Unreal. Both of these are big game development environments and a library and IVE too. You technically don't edit code in either of them.

“I really didn't like Unreal as much as I wanted to. Unreal games tend to look more realistic. They're hard quality, but underneath it's C++.” - Martin Grider

As a coder who prefers more on text editing, he didn't like the idea of being expected to work on blueprints. He used Unity for some game jams and spent 3 months learning it. Later on, he worked at Visual Ink where he was able to use his newly acquired skills using Unity.

What is Google Cardboard

Google cardboard is a tool which provides you a VR experience. It supports any kind of phone with the driver scope. Inside are two lenses which would split the view and create a stereoscopic image that appears to be 3D, even when it's really not. You simply put your phone inside the cardboard. You simply fold it and put your phone inside it. The Google cardboard API handles what direction you're facing. You hold the headset up while you look at your phone screen.  If you look around through its lenses, you get to experience a different level of gaming which makes you feel like you're inside the game itself.

Limitation of the Google Cardboard

Despite its capability to bring you into another world, the Google cardboard still has its limitation. It is not aware of your location, which means it cannot sense where you're in. Say you're looking at a 3D environment and there's a corner in front of you, it won't know your movements even if you lean forward to look around the corner. With a controller at hand, it is possible that you are moving with it. However, that's going to be problematic and makes one feel sick. When you remain static but the game is in motion, you will surely fill dizzy. It's difficult when things don't match up with what your inner ear is hearing. To hear more about Unity for iOS with Martin Grider, download and listen to the entire episode. Connect with Martin through Twitter. He would surely love to hear from you! Don't forget to tell him you heard about him in Devchat.tv.


Andrew: BBS setup by Chris Osborn and Dash Gee:HTTPIe and Play Always (project) Jaim: BBS documentary and hockey video game Martin: VR Digest, Big Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, EyeO Festival


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