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Visual Studio for Mac with Omar Khan

On today's episode, Andrew Madsen and Jaim Zuber discuss Visual Studio for Mac with Omar Khan. Omar runs the product marketing team for their developer tools at Microsoft. There has been a lot of talk about the exciting new release. A preview is now available for developers. Tune in to learn more about it!

Better Services for a Better Experience

The Visual Studio for Mac enables developers to build native applications across platforms. It's part of Microsoft's strategy when they purchased Xamarin. A lot of great work took place since then. The VS for Mac was based on Xamarin Studio. New features were enabled to suit the needs in Mac. In all this, the company wanted to integrate teams as well the technology they're using.

Matching Preferences and Workflows

According to Omar, VS for Mac is more than mobile development. Microsoft saw how developers have their own preferences when building apps. There are lots of benefits when developers build apps on their target platform. Microsoft recognized this. With the new release, they wanted to match the developers' workflow and their preferences.

Good Things about Visual Studio for Mac

Again, Visual Studio for Mac was born out of Xamarin technology. Microsoft's vision was to enhance the developers' experience when building. What's nice about VS for Mac is that it's based on a component architecture. Lots of code sharing exist between VS for Windows and VS for Mac. Download and listen to Visual Studio for Mac with Omar Khan. Leave us a rating and review if you enjoyed the show. We love hearing from you!


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[0:00] Music.[0:06] Hey everybody and welcome to the Freakshow they are panel we have Andrew Madsen hello from New York City this is James Uber also in New York City.Today we have a guest is over, he tells a little bit about yourself,yeah I run the developer marketing a product marketing team for our developer tools and our developer framework so things like the visual studio products as well as. NET Framework and other developer tools.So we we watch the keynote yesterday here at Microsoft Kinect and,I think that the announcement that saw that I saw the most talked about on my Twitter feed which is mostly Apple people was visual studio for Mac,absolutely I was a very exciting and as we're expecting a lot of people that get really excited about that Visual Studio has a very very Broad,I'm brand recognition because it's in a product in the development circles for a long long time lot of people very familiar with it,I'm C sharp is becoming much much more in.net is becoming much much much more interesting for mobile developers on what does that mean technology in the last few years in a lot of people paying attention to the fact that you can give apps that go across,platforms with a lot of code sharing and so the combination of those two things I think has quite a lot of appeal now to the developers that have been working on the Mac,and been using other other tools like you know on xcode for building I was out so,I think with visual studio for Mac we have a really really interesting offer that that I think people are interested to take a look at.[1:42] You tell us a little bit about time I'm curious to know what the Thinking Inside Microsoft was we were at build in March and I actually.[1:51] Sat down with somebody not not on the podcast but talk to a person for Microsoft about sort of at that time xamarin.Tabernacle station was new in San Bernardino source and I was talking to him as a man as a Mac User am at all. I said you think there will be a visual studio for mac and he basically said I don't know maybe you know it sometime maybe in the future you're an end here to six months later.[2:15] We have visual studio for Mac I am curious no sort of what Thinking Inside Microsoft was that led to the decision to.[2:24] Hey there this is Charles Max when I just wanted to talk to you really briefly about freelancer.com.I'm putting on a conference for people who want to go freelance or who are freelance and bringing in some of the experts from the freelancer show.Do you about how to find clients how to collect money how to build your business how to specialize and much much more.If you're thinking about going freelance or you're already freelance and want to hear from the experts on how to go become or grow your freelancing business,then by all means come to cash out a freelancer moco.com.[3:02] Yeah I was actually part of some of that conversation so I can talk a little bit about it,I think you know it goes back to the summer not causation itself really our strategy with that has been to and Inter said you would developers in this whole we talked about here at the conference was,I'm is that we want to meet developers where they are and and and basically enable them to build any app at the targets any platform so it's really a very very open strategy,examine I think the acquisition we did is really a prime example of how are executing on that strategy and,xamarin wasn't you know when you look at Semoran there's a lot of great work that's happened since the acquisition so we've been moving very very fast to really integrate not just the technology but the teams as well the teams of come together really really really quickly and I think,xamarin has had investments in their xamarin Studio IDE and vision Visual Studio,4 Mac is based on that code base so it's it's growing it's growing out of that that could base but it's a reflection of,how could be the teams came together to be able to share componentry so you know salmon Studio was really a focused mobile ID like they really just did iOS development Android development and,22 nabal.. net back-end development so you a visual 2 for Mac really is a full-featured back and front end Klein development as well as.[4:34] I called tooling support although this there's a lot of integration that happened beyond words that mean Studio was to get it to where it is with the preview we just,does launch and the strategy really has been to take,take that those assets that were in Visual Studio in in the architecture in Virtual City which is great complement eyes and to be able to integrate it in very very quickly because for developers there's a lot of value for C sharp developer is push it. Developer to be able to.Post program on the client but also program on the backend so 30 developers are asking for it we already see it happening on the Windows side work we're developers are are working on both sides of the stock when it comes to,Ready Clean Up sensor wraps,and so it was a natural thing for us to be doing I'm kind of extending and bring together the salmon team extending the technology that they already had it so I thought it was.Pretty clear to people watch and I don't think you said explicitly in the keynote but you just said that,visual studio for Mac as it was released yesterday's is essentially no,xamarin Studio on evolution of xamarin-studio it seemed to me and looking at it that the big difference versus the last version of xamarin-studio is that.What you just said it is not just for mobile development the big thing is it has support for,internet core in asp.net on the server and then doing more than just move with only using serve. Net across.Cross platform and so I wonder how much you know how much you can say but.[6:08] The seems like it is it something that Microsoft is going to put a big push behind for the future it would be good for those of us on the Mac if it were only to be absolutely I mean.[6:22] We we certainly see a lot of developers it's been nothing Miguel actually at a panel yesterday meet Miguel because I go to work Sunday. Not teaming and can came from the Semoran,Oceanside,TM he talked about this I develop panel yesterday and it was really speaking to where we see things going,and no heat heat heat one thing you can have highlighted is that hate your different developers have different on preferences and if you're building an IOS app where your focus is primarily building and I'll stop there there's a natural.What's a gravity towards building on a Mac right there's a lot of benefits of doing that you're missing yourself in that experience in and how you know how is Iowa's development is done,Midway Mexico do you know if you have a certain experience and so I think having that experience on the Mac is is important and understood alberstadt.Really really really love windows on but still want to build apps that run on IOS and Android and and and windows platforms so.I think it's all about meeting developers on their terms and and kind of providing them tools that are not changing their workflow,I really integrating with the work floor or matching the workflow and what their preferences are and so we clearly recognize that and,yeah we will we will be investing quite a bit,going forward and you've already seen just in the six months what we were able to do from from where xamarin-studio was part of the acquisition where we are now and what we talked about yesterday and announced was a preview for moving very fast and yeah we're going to.[7:59] We're going and if it quite quickly you one thing that was brought up in the keynote in that I also have an actually at a chance to download the preview employment yet but I saw other people who have,let you know on Twitter and whatever it seems like Microsoft and.Is this trip Cameron Studio to but Microsoft has done what seems to be a really good job with visual studio for Mac making it a Mac app it's not a Studio for Windows running on the back of its visual studio for Mac.[8:27] Tanasbourne at me know like I said it's born out of these diamonds to do a technology and I think that was the vision there is the experience is a Mac experience than it is for those developers that prefer that Mac experience when building their mobile app.But.They that the nice thing about visual studio for Mac is that it's based on a component Architects that's what we're able to integrate some of these capabilities very very quickly is. Not itself is very component eyes and visual C on Windows 8 component ISO.I miss sharing you with asp.net core and the C sharp intellisense and then all of the language services at sexy sharing a lot of code.Between the windows version of visual studio and visual see it for Max it is quite a bit more evolved from where xamarin-studio was.It's going to see the evolution to adding the more features you call me if you choose to do for a Mac,I'm guessing there's not the Future parody but there a lot of things that are having run over like what's what's next on the timeline I think you'll be heading you don't wear it preview right now and I.The goal would be to really get it to a release quality quickly so I think a lot of what you saw in the preview was the vision for where we want to go with this first step.I certainly there's things that make sense to explore Beyond a time when you think of back and told me you were really going to be,thinking of things like integrating with our Cloud more and so we already have some Cloud integration with Asher and that into tooling today and the preview.[9:58] And I think I missed your doing a speed on a tour. Nick or development and and you want to be able to deploy it somewhere and we had some fantastic demos yesterday showing,for visual C and windows all the awesome support that we have for containers all the awesome support dr. containers all the awesome support we have in Visual Studio team services for dr. containers and and and,swallowing a shirt so that can for developers building back and up some dr. and containers that is a very very.[10:28] Useful way of the plane and so are we see you see tremendous value in in,integrating and supporting that in all our tools and and it is I think about doing more and more back in capabilities and visual C for Mac I would I would imagine that's it. We would naturally investing again going to like if we have tools on one side we can.[10:49] Given the modular and component is architecture visual studio will be able to share those tools across individual 2 for Mac version but I don't,I don't have a roadmap and I don't have anything to share publicly but I think there's some obvious places that that we would invest in the cloud tooling being one container Dockers,probably I think a lot of the Innovation will actually be driven from where the customers are asking you a lot of our philosophy is but she would love the open source projects we have gotten it and we talked about how,take over two-thirds of contributions to.net are now coming from the community outside Microsoft and not for my fucking place oh,really its developers making the products what they want to be and we have that same plus feed not only an open Augustine open-source but,it seems like we should see if your Mac or very very responsive to where developers want to see it Go and so that,yeah I'm guessing that's where a lot of our investments will be going forward waiting for the immediate future will be probably really centered around kind of getting weave preview to a higher quality inn to release Sally stability.[11:59] Can you talk a little bit about how the whole so that there was a slide in the keynote about five things on it usual Studio which is Visual Studio windows.City of Cody studio for Mac conditions 101 missing I think maybe.[12:22] Producer listening who are mostly Iowa's developers developers on iOS and,probably are not in the Microsoft world how does this all fit the other one are always in fact.Let me let me talk a little bit about what the brand means in and what the visuals to your family products is and then I can't even walk through each one of those and give like that very quick,10-second description of each one hopefully keep it brief so visual studio is a brand is really evolved you know it's a it's a very much or a product it's like I said no it's been in market for a long time is loved by a lot of developers and it was born it was centered around ride on,I'm on the PC so we have visual Studio's that's kind of the ID that's been there for they were coming up on 20 years almost down,and it's a fantastic idea it's an integrated environment the developers love that has you know all sorts of tooling built-in designers built-in and you can build apps all the way from you know,C++ apps that are right you know gaming scenarios all the way to Cloud base you and Mike reservist is deploying in containers to,I'm no native mobile apps that run on any device of Visual Studio yet I was loved by RR dotnet developers it's a fully integrated ID.[13:45] Over the last few years we've really been expanding what the visual studio brand means it's really the best in class tools for every developer that's kind of our projo.They were really going to meet developers where they are with the tools that they they want to use and visual studio code was kind of one of our,I was the first extension of that family,we talked about this whole secret code yesterday it's a fantastic editor lots and lots of JavaScript developers using it lots of,python Java developers using it no just about birds using it I was at Austin earlier this year and yet be a lot of Open Source conference a lot of Open Source developers on stage,demoing with Visual Studio code so and it's it runs on Mac and Linux it's it's it's different from visual studio and that it's an editor,it's really optimized is an editor and the difference between in my mind the difference between IDE and another door is like an IDE basically gives you an integrated workflow and has all the tools you need built-in rated,wooden one environments and that's very convenient,and it's actually very very useful if if you like that kind of integrated tooling all in one place a lot of a lot of server developers especially really love editors because they have a workflow that,hydraulic fluid that they love that they use different tools for for different purposes so.[15:15] Visual Studio code is really about meeting every developer that loves that editor workflow and integrating their own tools into it so it's about.Integrating with the twelvers workflow I'm on any on any.Bubba workstation weathers Linux with a Mac workstation with a PC that makes a lot of sense now the family is really expanding and then when we look at the format it's really taking that interbreed,workflow to the Mac,we're developers wanted there for mobile and Cloud development and then mobile center is a service which is for any developer any app what are using xcode whether you're using Android,you don't have to write your app in xamarin it's it's a set of services for your,lifecycle management of your mobile apps it's mobile that box it's got you know device testing in the cloud it's Scott,in a cloud build so you can actually do CI and CD,on your mobile apps got beta distribution so you can delete your apps to your baby users it's got analytics so you can you use a double slice cycle to basically iterate on your app,and I'm kind of advanced it based on what others think visual studio on for the folks this thing is really a set of tools and a set of tools for a,broad variety of developers we really look at all the developer workloads and in what two helpers are doing and try and meet them where they are.[16:38] Are you looking to expand your skills mobile development have an idea for the next Angry Birds app.Then you need to check out iOS remote off produced by the same team that brings you your favorite DevChat. TV podcasts like Ruby Rose and I freaks.[16:56] Join us for two days are jam-packed fun and learning stream2u Live May 17th and 18th go check it out,Iowa's remote.com what golfers are doing in try and meet them where they are.[17:03] Music.[17:12] Actual Studio code to me you were talking about seems to me like usual Studio code.You said it's an editor I think the lines are kind of blurry the demo yesterday showed you know like going to get repo and,starting a no Jess I've been running and p.m. from into terminal Studio code and deploying and my God,the doctor doctor container all the stuff all was in real Studio cup which is more than an editor if you hurry command line though,yeah everything there was it was all command line trip all the end of the show all the pleasure was all command line so we really end it's very different United visual City I think Donovan show,Publix Tyler.You are sure to configure it was more integrated to the UI workflow I would say but but what I was where I was kind of going with that is that.That said one really I think fundamental differences that Visual Studio code is very much true and by extension those are extensions that anybody can write so it's really kind of a community-driven thing I think I read that there are their support for.How is some crazy number like 400 language but I was available now have lots and lots of extension tonight,premature there's a language you can imagine I'm guessing Visual Studio code AS extension for it which to me is pretty cool cuz that actually means the visual studio code is a tool,you have nothing to do with Microsoft platform you know I'm even if you're right you're writing no dress code and you're not to blame that I do something.[18:46] Right now that's a that's pretty fun and cool to see Microsoft doing that because it's so different,how many visuals so some stats on visual to your car I think we announced yesterday there's there's a million developers over million developers using visual studio code actively and that's that's for product that launched.In N preview last year but like has been at release form since the spring basically,and so since the spring but now that's the amount of traction but it's gotten in terms of people picking it up it's on GitHub the number six most contributed project,so it's got a lot of a lot of traction people love it and that's that's the plus Finn from an extension standpoint.Visual Studio the idea has experience as well and I imagine visual studio for Mac,mobile Havoc sensibility as well so we will support an ecosystem around all of these products things we want we want others to extend them think visual studio on Windows has had a.Long history of a pretty important extension ecosystem room like you know there.A researcher we talked a little bit about her with another Visual Studio yeah I thought it was interesting though that.Set on stage that the C sharp support in Visual Studio code is itself an extent even even the C sharp support is nice tension and so that's.[20:19] All the other day that's why we're able to add the back and support so quickly is that it is very support for a lot of the designers a lot of language Services a lot of the built systems are all built this extensions to of a plug-in model,and and since that's how they were integrated into visual studio for Mac that same extension model,exist there we haven't opened it up right now but you know as we as we look at what developers want and what the ecosystem wants will,will be in the Olympics.A few other things I want to ask one of the things we talked about that visual studio for Mac,one of the one of the big things that it adds that was not really available before it is a really good idea for doing,non-mobile dotnet development sobak NSP dotnet core thing.What do you see as the so it's so there's there's kind of obvious advantages of using xamarin if your if your.[21:22] Mobile developer use a marine you can share like a good tween Android and iOS ignoring all that was a lot of our listeners are not doing that and they probably are not going to do that what value do you see and using.net on the back end,yeah it's I mean.. it's a great frame Market Scott is it is it was all talk about a few things it's got great performance now we thought Nick or,we probably some bad I took him power benchmarks yesterday and I compared to other popular Frameworks node and then express running on no door so you know I think one of the benchmarks we showed as if you compare express running on no to MVC running on dotnet core,what's the latest Benchmark some type of power we were clearly driving a lot more throughput in terms of requests for second then that comparison on a more kind of non framework.There were few just comparing your notice to cure dotnet core asp.net and we were again running a lot more request for second,that scenario and so from a performance perspective we've done a really really good job,making. Net super super performant and small.Toronto fantastic support on for making but net a great host of a great way to build apps on docker,and so if you're building back and apps typically you want to deploy them using the container and doctors the way you do that.[22:56] And so it's a great way to build off that run on dr. it's very very small like I said for end and because of that small footprint it's really easy to continue to continue rising two player apps,I'm the performances great with and it runs and runs everywhere now it runs not only in,well I'm on Windows server but it also runs on Linux and no we're not running on devices you know we're running on the Samsung tizen operating system and so,with that you can build on that code that runs on a TV or on play on a watch Samsung watch and so really I think. It provides a great opportunity to,build code that can run in many places and that's the address I think one of the other,because I'm just starting to ask let me have a fantastic ecosystem in.net I would say one of the big reasons I would say to use it is the open-source nature of Titanic or the Fantastic Community around that tastic nuget ecosystems we have a new get as our package management system is similar 10 p.m. or Maven in Java,and you get has you know fantastic ecosystem around,lots and lots of packages available for.net and I was talking about all the community country sorority getting an open source so it's really icy does framework that's being built by the developers that love it,because more than half of the changes coming into it now or from outside which is which is great.That makes sense from a language Sam point if your Facebook developer C sharp as a lower friction than a JavaScript or Ruby.[24:35] Might have another reason to consider other options so we have loved those things that even though Swift.Is open-source tend,durabuilt attacking Frameworks for it get to the Cloud Amazon forever right now not is not a clear path to do that you can get things running,but what your answer is providing is Stanton solution or you can.[25:06] With a girl with a piano do small things in your way don't shoot up so late maybe can't do it so the other.Platforms but get up there and put in the cloud or you're not managing systems you're not thinking about making a type of thing for mobile developers that you're making a very valid if you know if you're familiar with,it's not it's very familiar right like it's actually a natural back in language to use with Swift I'm because you at the learning curve is going to be,much lower with Asher on the learning curve on hosting infrastructure hosting back in infrastructure is again going to be very very you know,it is very low learning curve because I'm we had our functions which was done like yesterday at and if you guys saw that piece but it's basically server list computer architecture in the cloud so it's it's it's a place where you can send you to try to function,and have that function scale automatically and you only pay for the time that the function executes not you're not paying for CPU hours running in in the cloud you're paying for.Really execution time of your code so that has Harrison like previously without her Amazon you actually.[26:16] UW rent a server he wired up and you pay for all the time that use to be with you have a development server you pay for that day.Yellow Daisy ever running and Amazon has similar,offering with Lambda yep and this is kind of that you're just using codex run so if you make one request today you pay for that one request so that mode 2,gilf large-scale things you're not managing so now I have to wear up 5 more.Server is down I really could be a model for that.The more important for the last year too so it's good to see you're having a nice,how do we have that full spectrum in a sure you know if you're if you're primarily as a mobile developer that's building mobile apps in isn't working on backing up it needs to function hosted in the cloud is very very easy to do,put it up there and see Sharp but we also support other languages like JavaScript to write those functions and then if you want more a little bit more control over the infrastructure and you wanted to play Doctor image,support that really really well if you wanted to plan orchestration framework that runs several daughter images and orchestrates across them so doing a microscope is architecture that is a fairly complex back end.We support kubernetes we support our Music Fair and Docker swarm with your orchestration Frameworks for back in Microsoft's architectures and if you want to just wanted you know.Gpus in the cloud and do like really really epic hardware and and basically just build the operating system image yourself we support that as well so it's kind of flexibility depends on where you are on that Spectrum.[27:58] I think I probably speak for our listeners as well as myself when I say that I would love it if.As things mature in the ecosystem that's with being a language you could deploy.You as your people are doing it today in terms of being able to get her to run address supports Linux VM.I'm so from me being able to deploy VMware dr. container into the cloud address supports that if you get to the front of a right-handed doctor container you can run it nicer today if you can get it running in a lynx p.m. we can get it running and a shirt today.So so sounds like it should be over there are there are back in for a bit before using Swift butt.[28:39] Hopefully at some point I don't have to even know what the doctor is if you showed this really cool you know.Right click and daughter is a doctor Isaac minutes in a container and then you publish it and let your three clicks and that was cool doctors awesome whatever.Free excited about all the support we have both on our cloud and NO2 Leonardo box tools for doctor.[29:03] What is this this is new to Stocker support doesn't seem I have heard this from Microsoft until.We've had obviously now we've had support for dr. for quite a while I could renounce that a couple years back.I'm in our tooling we've had doctor tools and visual studio but we continue to involve them and we showed some updated,experiences yesterday and then we've really innovated on the devil side I would say with dr. most recently and so really making that,so you have some developers again goes to like the scale of we're trying to do will deploy a single instance of a container and they'll do it manually because they're not really updating it very much I'm to the cloud.If you're working on a team or you've got a more complex,back-end you're probably doing continuous delivery and continuous integration something up some kind of build Pipeline and automation pipeline that runs tests and then does a deployment you don't check on a check in Raanana,on on on a Time basis so for that automated continuous delivery pipeline what we've done is with our Visual Studio team services that,Bill said for you basically just added really good support for building images the plane,those images to the cloud or deployment on-premise to dr. hose and see how that's that's where we've done a lot more work and us what you saw.Dazzle.So if you want to get started with some clouds stuff going to service a joint before we had real or fiction things like par straighten it.[30:37] Newton we lost person away if you want start I can host Parts on as your head support for car,pregnancy cars itself that's gone you can still use the same thing if their projects but what's the process for,the city of Royal Bay City server just to play around there's 2 things you can do one and a super simple stuff like use visual City Mobile Center go create an account sign up for visual Citi Mobile Center the out-of-the-box push notifications.Identity services and table services so if you want it back and it basically lets people login.To like Facebook or Google or whatever login provider that you want so you what you want like multiple login providers so you want to find your app we have a service that just makes that turn key your sadness TK,NM basic realigning code and get a login page you want to get push notifications sent to your device,I'm from the back end we have a push notification service.Turn key again STK bit SDK based and you can speak it works by the,push notifications or Jenny from the client or push notifications originate from any other,we have SDK for the languages that you can call the service then we'll it handles all that wretched device registration aspects across the different push notification service providers Logan aggregating that to deal with,the different personification services and then it provides a table service,on the box so if you want just do very simple datasync and and have that data be available offline we provide both summer nasty case but also Swift in abject of CST case for doing.[32:17] Datasync and so that's all built in the mobile center you have to go sign up,and you can start using those services without writing a lot of code you just writing code on a client not really on the server and then if you want to do more,complex stuff on On the Bun on the cloud and again want to get started super easy I try out your functions.[32:37] What kind of stuff can you do without your functions so they're these micro services but what up.What's available to you or can I write a function to get out so I mean if they have function that could be triggered based on request so the request response but you can also have functions that are basic you triggered off of other events and Asher.So like something out uploaded to the dictionary we show yesterday is like hell it's a mobile device uploads a photo to a blob store.[33:01] I'm in a natural function you can actually trigger off of that blob store and process that image and then put it back.What's the something we have a trigger based event base model there and so you can trigger not only off of,Azure infrastructure but also other things so you know you could trigger off of you know like to send Grid or a toy or something so we have Integrations that span.Different triggers and I and in basic your function runs and then you can essentially put it out put back somewhere.[33:35] But you have this thing I thought was kind of cool as you have the same as I can what you call it but all of the all of this order machine learning.[33:45] I need a service like the services you can call them from within your function,and the one we showed yesterday was that I think the speech API the face API and I'm not sure if there were others today and probably some image API zits,so if you're,I mean this was kind of what was shown in the keynote but you're writing an IOS app that you want to do some sort of facial recognition that's not particular really simple to figure out yourself.As you do that starting in two years maybe we'll have to work it was a bike yellow bike shop which is basically like an Uber,thing for bikes and then it it I think the user was uploading their profile photo,and then be as your function rent again it was triggered off of the photo getting uploaded the sword so it's something that I think I'm over 12 for knows how to do is how to put a photo in a blob store,and then the function itself,basically process that image by doing using the face API which is a cognitive service and Asher and recognize demographics about that person,like the gender age other things and so you can do lots of stuff with the cognitive services that are Ganges,rebuilt Services you can call him very pesos in Cloud what are some examples other than facial recognition to listen so I guess what I'm trying to call all of them so there's face Vision intelligence.[35:19] I'm speech voice recognition.[35:25] I'm not sure if there's something there some image processing stuff and then we have a whole machine learning infrastructure natural of the you have to write more cuz there yourself you have to train a model but these cognitive Services they're just there just rebuilt.Things that you can I see seems like I remember seeing some image classification where you upload an image in it.Price figure out what's in the image you know.There's a I think if you just go search for cognitive services in a sure there's a really nice documentation at that place at all the things that we had there,I think that's pretty cool cuz you're putting a whole lot of power that you know if I didn't have this and I decided I wanted,do some of the singer and where it's dry I guess I would try to find the library something but I don't actually think they're great libraries a lot of these rely on big data sets that how would you collect all that so just having it,an API call away is pretty cool that's great golfers apples not a leader.In this area no hard feelings it's not right.The great devices the way to integrate Apple does well with what other companies like Mike.[36:43] Is there anything else you think we should cover it we talked about a lot and I'm really excited.How to share all that with you guys and I hope you keep holy the folks with me or are enjoying it as well yeah I think this is this is.Cool stuff I'll take you excited to try the visual studio for Mac.Preview that looks now they're going to have some time are you trying to figure out how to stay current with Ruby and rails.I'm putting on a two-day online conference call the river oh, you could check it out at Ruby remote, like I said it's a two-day conference,where you can come and listen to the speakers and experts from all around the world talk to you about issues pertaining to Ruby and web development we have an online slack Channel.A Roundtable discussion on zoom and all of the talks are given over Google Hangouts,and all the talks will be string to live come check us out there Ruby remote comp.com.[37:43] Are they going to have some time.We sort of forgot to tell you so we can give you some time to think but we normally do pics at the end of her show.And a pic is just a recommendation about very open-ended so.Something that you like and think listeners would like so I can be a technical tool you know that using at work and ba.Book you just rather a restaurant you went to or you know whatever.Yeah that that's I'm I'm here to New York for the Kinect event New York is fantastic restaurants I cut at the Four Seasons the new Four Seasons down by the the Freedom Tower and I had dinner cut there was awesome,so I could recommend the 60s.Cool alright well great thanks well I'm going to let jean shirt if you are out there we can see that intro.For sure thanks coming out with a new a great time and we have a lot about the jewels to do when we feel I breakout sessions with the people from Microsoft over there over the past couple days so I just ran the show,thank you thanks for having me that thinks I'm cool.Bentley's for this segment is provided by cash by the world's fastest Indian.Your content fast with Gaslight visit cache fly.com learn more.[39:13] Music. 

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