197 iPS Visual Studio for Mac with Omar Khan


    Visual Studio for Mac with Omar Khan

    On today's episode, Andrew Madsen and Jaim Zuber discuss Visual Studio for Mac with Omar Khan. Omar runs the product marketing team for their developer tools at Microsoft. There has been a lot of talk about the exciting new release. A preview is now available for developers. Tune in to learn more about it!

    Better Services for a Better Experience

    The Visual Studio for Mac enables developers to build native applications across platforms. It's part of Microsoft's strategy when they purchased Xamarin. A lot of great work took place since then.

    The VS for Mac was based on Xamarin Studio. New features were enabled to suit the needs in Mac. In all this, the company wanted to integrate teams as well the technology they're using.

    Matching Preferences and Workflows

    According to Omar, VS for Mac is more than mobile development. Microsoft saw how developers have their own preferences when building apps.

    There are lots of benefits when developers build apps on their target platform. Microsoft recognized this. With the new release, they wanted to match the developers' workflow and their preferences.

    Good Things about Visual Studio for Mac

    Again, Visual Studio for Mac was born out of Xamarin technology. Microsoft's vision was to enhance the developers' experience when building.

    What's nice about VS for Mac is that it's based on a component architecture. Lots of code sharing exist between VS for Windows and VS for Mac.

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