198 iPS When Your App Becomes a Company with Matt Ronge


    When Your App Becomes a Company with Matt Ronge

    On today's episode, Jaim and Erika discuss When Your App Becomes a Company with Matt Ronge. Matt is the cofounder of Astropad, a drawing app that works well on an iPad. He has appeared as guest in episode 113, where he talked about launching an app. Tune in and learn how they developed Astropad and how it evolved into a company!

    About Astropad

    Astropad runs on iPad with a corresponding Mac app. It mirrors the Mac screen, and enables people to draw graphics with an Apple Pencil. It's great for illustrators, photographers, and others who are into design.

    A Spark of Inspiration

    Matt's cofounder, Giovanni, was the one who started the idea. He kept seeing ads about Microsoft Surface, but didn't want to buy. That's when he thought about having the same thing on an iPad.

    He and Matt previously had a frustrating experience with drawing tablets. Matt immediately jumped into the idea. At that time, they didn't know what they were going into.

    Efforts on Latency

    Astropad has a really low latency. They set it as their challenge to keep it that way. Matt and Giovanni built a custom tech to do it.

    They ran latency tests via iPhone, and did lots of other tricks. They also had a custom compression stack and network protocol for it. All these they did to make the latency below what most people perceive.

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