077 JSJ Monocle with Alex MacCaw


Alex MacCaw (twitter github blog)
Joe Eames (twitter github blog)
Jamison Dance (twitter github blog)
AJ O’Neal (twitter github blog)
Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Rails Ramp Up)

01:13 – Going Rogue Video
02:12 – Alex MacCaw Introduction

029 JSJ Bower.js with Alex MacCaw and Jacob Thornton
JavaScript Web Applications: jQuery Developers' Guide to Moving State to the Client by Alex MacCaw
The Little Book on CoffeeScript: The JavaScript Developer's Guide to Building Better Web Apps by Alex MacCaw

02:44 – Monocle

Alternative for Hacker News

03:39 – Speed

Alex MacCaw: Time to first tweet
MVC Framework

10:48 – SEO

Google Webmaster Tools
The Google Webmaster Video on Single-page Apps / SEO
Alex MacCaw: SEO in JS Web Apps

14:01 – The Social Aspect of Monocle/Community
17:09 – Caching
17:47 – Google Website Optimizer
18:26 – Responsiveness
21:00 – Client-side & Server-side
25:11 – Testing for Performance

PageSpeed Insights

28:39 – The Design Process


31:44 – Sourcing.io

Sourcing.io Signup

34:15 – Inspiration


MicroFormat Tool (AJ)
Google Markup Helper (AJ)
Gmail Markup Schemas (AJ)
TowerFall (AJ)
Final Fantasy 7 (emulator) Final Fantasy 7 (PC) (AJ)
Sunlounger (Joe)
Pebble Watch (Joe)
ng-conf (Joe)
Book Yourself Solid: The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Reliable System for Getting More Clients Than You Can Handle Even if You Hate Marketing and Selling by Michael Port (Chuck)
Coder (Alex)
List of Ig Nobel Prize winners (Alex)

Next Week
Working From Home
ALEX:  The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.

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CHUCK:  Hey everybody and welcome to episode 77 of the JavaScript Jabber show. This week on our panel, we have Joe Eames.

JOE:  Hey there.

CHUCK:  Jamison Dance.

JAMISON:  Hey friends.

CHUCK:  AJ O’Neal.

AJ:  It'sa mia, it'sa AJ.

CHUCK:  I’m Charles Max Wood from DevChat.TV. And before I introduce our guest, I just want to make a quick announcement. Tomorrow as we’re recording this, so when you get this episode it will be last Friday, is my Freedom Day. It’s the day I got laid off from my last full-time job and went freelance. So in honor of that, I’m putting together a video. I’ve called it ‘Going Rogue’. Yes, I know that there’s a political thing around that, whatever. Anyway, I called it ‘Going Rogue’. You can get it at GoingRogueVideo.com.

It’s basically the first year of me going freelance. I’ve just talked through how it all went. The mistakes I made, the things I learned, the things I did right, and just gave general advice to anyone who’s looking to go freelance. Or if you’re interested in some of the challenges that come with that, it’s a video that I’m putting together to kind of explain that. Like I said, it’s free. You can get it at GoingRogueVideo.com. Yeah, I’m pretty excited about it. I’m also excited about Freedom Day.

Anyway, we also have a special guest today, and that’s Alex MacCaw.

ALEX:  How do you do? Thank you for having me.

CHUCK:  You’ve been on the show before, but it’s been almost a year. Do you want to introduce yourself again?

ALEX:  Well, I’m mostly a JavaScript programmer.