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02:39 - Hongli Lai Introduction

03:08 - Tinco Andringa Introduction

03:23 - Phusion Passenger

06:13 - Automation

08:37 - Parsing HTTP Headers

  • Hooking

12:44 - Meteor Support

15:37 - Future Added Features?

17:12 - Passenger Enterprise

20:03 - Concurrency and Multithreading  

23:33 - Setting Up on a Server for a Node.js Application

25:06 - Union Station Monitoring Tool (Union Station Teaser)


Emily Claire Reese: Playing Catch-Up (Jamison)
Jason Punyon: Providence: Failure Is Always an Option (Jamison)
Active Child: You Are All I See (Jamison)
FFmpeg (Chuck)
YouTube (Chuck)
Developers' Box Club (Chuck)
Ruby Remote Conf (Chuck) Kickstarter (Chuck)
Dash (Hongli)
In the Balance: An Alternate History of the Second World War by Harry Turtledove (Hongli)
phusion-mvc (Tinco)
Union Station Teaser (Tinco)
Radio 1's Live Lounge (Tinco)



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