161 JSJ Rust with David Herman


    02:52 – David Herman Introduction

    03:50 – The Rust Programming Language

    06:31 – “Systems Programming Without Fear”

    07:38 – High vs Low-level Programming Languages

    • Garbage Collection and Deallocation
    • Memory Safety
    • Performance and Control Over Performance

    11:44 – Stack vs Heap Memory

    16:52 – The Core of Rust

    • Ownership
    • Type System

    24:23 – Segmentation Fault (Seg Faults)

    27:51 – How much should programmers care about programming languages?

    32:43 – Concurrency and Multithreaded Programming

    35:06 – Rust vs Go

    37:58 – servo

    40:27 – asm.js

    42:19 – Cool Apps Built with Rust

    45:04 – What hardware architectures does the Rust target?

    45:46 – Learning Rust


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    The Presidents of the United States of America (Dave)
    Design Patterns in C (AJ)
    Microsoft Edge Dev Blog: Bringing Asm.js to Chakra and Microsoft Edge (AJ)
    The Web Platform Podcast: Episode 43: Modern JavaScript with ES6 & ES7 (AJ)
    Firefox Fame Phone (AJ)
    iTunes U CS106A (Programming Methodology) (Aimee)
    Valerian Root on Etsy (Aimee)
    The Dear Hunter – Live (Jamison)
    Designing Data-Intensive Applications by Martin Kleppmann (Jamison)
    Fogus: Perlis Languages (Jamison)
    Galactic Civilizations III (Joe)
    Visual Studio Code (Joe)
    Tessel 2 (Dave)
    Event Driven: How to Run Memorable Tech Conferences by Leah Silber (Dave)
    Plush Hello Kitty Doll (Dave)