164 JSJ Rendr with Spike Brehm


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    02:22 – Spike Brehm Introduction

    03:07 – rendr

    06:24 – Why the back and forth between server-side and client-side applications?

    20:28 – Tools That Help

    22:21 – Why do this? Who gets statically and dynamically rendered pages?

    30:26 – DOM and String-based Templating

    33:11 – Use Cases

    36:08 – Why does Isomorphic JavaScript get so much hate?


    The Paleolithic Diet (Aimee)
    Programming Throwdown (Aimee)
    Listen to other people’s views (Chuck)

    AJ O'Neal: Access web pages through your home network via SSH (AJ)
    AJ O'Neal: Reverse VPN: turn any private device into public cloud server (AJ)
    Alt (Spike)
    Tame Impala (Spike)