165 JSJ ShopTalk with Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert


    02:43 – Dave Rupert Introduction

    03:42 – Chris Coyier Introduction

    06:24 – The ShopTalk Show and Podcasting

    • @shoptalkshow
    • “What do I learn next?” => “Just Build Websites!”
    • Question & Answers Aspect

    23:19 – Tech Is A Niche

    29:51 – Balancing Technical Content for All Levels of Listeners

    • Community Opinion

    38:42 – Learning New CSS Tricks (Writing Blog Posts)

    41:54 – The Accessibility Project

    56:02 – Favorite & Cool Episodes


    FIFA Women's World Cup (Joe)
    Winnipeg (Joe)
    The Martian by Andy Weir (Joe)
    Zapier (Aimee)
    SparkPost (Aimee)
    dev.modern.ie/tools/vms (AJ)
    remote.modern.ie (AJ)
    Microsoft Edge (AJ)
    StarFox Zero for Wii U (AJ)
    Hot Plate (AJ)
    untrusted (AJ)
    Skiplagged (Dave)
    Judge John Hodgman (Dave)
    Wayward Pines (Chris)
    Sturgill Simpson (Chris)
    The Economic Value of Rapid Response Time (Dave)
    The Adventure Zone (Dave)
    React Rally (Jamison)
    Matsuoka Shuzo: NEVER GIVE UP (Jamison)
    DESTROY WITH SCIENCE – Quantum Loop (Jamison)
    Serial Podcast (Chuck)
    Ruby Remote Conf (Chuck)