169 JSJ Property-based Testing (QuickCheck) with Zach Kessin

02:20 – Zach Kessin Introduction

04:00 – Mostly Erlang Podcast

05:27 – Property-based Testing (QuickCheck)

07:22 – Property-based Testing and Functional Programming

09:48 – Pure Functions

  • Shrinking

18:09 – Boundary Cases

20:00 – Generating the Data

23:23 – Trending Concepts in JavaScript

32:33 – How Property-based Testing Fits in with Other Kind of Testing

35:57 – Test Failures


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Armada: A Novel by Ernest Cline (Joe)
Testing Erlang With Quickcheck Book (Zach)
Parrot Universal Notification Interface (Zach)
The Famine of Men by Richard H. Kessin (Zach)