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02:38 – Derick Bailey Introduction

03:36 – RabbitMQ

05:22 – Synchronous/Asynchronous; Chronological/Non-Chronological

10:33 – Why Do JS Devs Care About RabbitMQ?

12:10 – RabbitMQ and Complexity

14:04 – RabbitMQ’s Model

22:15 – Event Emitters, Organizing Your Code

  • Documentation

31:18 – Service Busses & Monitoring Systems

32:58 – How do you decide you need a messaging system?

36:40 – When Applications Crash…

39:24 – Event Sourcing

44:05 – Fault Tolerance/Failure Cases

  • “Just let it fail”

50:21 – Putting RabbitMQ in Place

  • Scheduling
  • Long Wait vs Short Wait

58:28 – Formatting Your Messages

01:04:13 – “Saga” (Workflow)

01:05:10 – RabbitMQ For Developers

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