181 JSJ The Evolution of Flux Libraries with Andrew Clark and Dan Abramov


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    Dan and Andrew's super awesome, helpful document that they made for the show during preparation

    03:22 – Andrew Clark Introduction

    03:39 – Dan Abramov Introduction

    04:03 – Flux

    09:36 – Data Flow

    22:52 – Conceptualizing React and Flux

    27:50 – Documentation

    30:38 – The Elm Programming Language

    32:34 – Making Patterns Explicit in Frameworks

    36:31 – Getting Started with React and Flux

    • Classes

    42:42 – Where Flux Falls Short

    58:23 – Keeping the Core Small; Making Decisions


    Strange Loop 2015 Videos  (Jamison)
    Typeset In The Future (Jamison)
    Open-source as a project model for internal work (w/ speaker notes) by Kevin Lamping (Jamison)
    Explanation of Zipf's Law (Dave)
    Will Conant's talk at UtahJS 2015 on Flux (Dave)
    The Legend of ZERO (3 Book Series) by Sara King (Joe)
    Camel Up (Joe)
    The Elm Programming Language (Joe)
    Boundaries: A talk by Gary Bernhardt from SCNA 2012 (Aimee)
    Nodevember (Aimee)
    TV Fool (Chuck)
    RCA Outdoor Digital HDTV VHF UHF Yagi Type Antenna (Chuck)
    The Michael Vey Book Series (Chuck)
    BusinessTown (Dan)
    Elon Musk: The World’s Raddest Man (Dan)
    Professor Frisby's Mostly Adequate Guide to Functional Programming (Dan)
    Abiogenesis (Dan)
    react-future (Dan)
    The Righteous Mind (Andrew)
    lodash-fp (Andrew)
    Inside Amy Schumer (Andrew)
    dataloader (Andrew)
    Careers at OpenGov (Andrew)